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How it works

Here's how to create a QR code for right about anythig


Select a QR Code Type

Pick from 12 types of QR codes you'd like to generate by clicking on the appropriate button. QR code choices are text, URL, Phone, SMS, E-mail, Whatsapp, Facetime, Location, Wi-Fi, Event, Crypto and Vcard


Add the Necessary Information

Depending on the QR code type you have selected, you will be prompted to enter all relevant data. You can also add customizations, like color, your logo and set the QR code error correction level.


Print or Download

Print or download your newly generated QR code. The print option will let you print your QR code straight from the browser. The download option will let you download your QR code in JPG, PNG, WEBH or SVG formats.

How to Create a QR Code for a URL

You can encode a URL into a QR code, so that when someone scans the QR code, they will be directed to a web link (URL).

How to Create a QR Code for Wi-Fi

Creating a QR code for WiFi is very simple. It will allow you to provide other people with access to your guest network at home.

QR Codes on Business Cards

If you are looking for a new marketing strategy, one that is both clever and cost-effective, consider QR codes.

QR Codes on Business Cards

Business cards are one of the best ways to introduce yourself, but lately they are becoming clunky and outdated. There is a better way to personalize these preciously small objects: QR codes!

35 Ways to Use QR Codes for Business

If you are looking for a new marketing strategy, one that is both clever and cost-effective, consider QR codes. These two-dimensional bar codes can be used in various ways that range from creating unique marketing campaigns to using QR codes in classrooms. In this his blog post I will list 35 creative uses of QR codes.

35 creative ways to use QR codes in business

1. If you add your email address to the QR code, people can scan it with their smart phone and you will receive an email as a result.

2. If you list your phone number or physical location on the QR code, people can use the included blue tooth technology to connect with you through a phone call or text message. This is great for having one-on-one conversations with clients or co-workers.

3. If you include a price on the QR code, anyone who scans it will be automatically emailed a coupon for that particular product (the same way that an online purchase generates a coupon).

4. If you include your website address on the QR code, people can directly link to your product or service on their smart phone browser. This is a great way to spur sales.

5. If you include a time-sensitive message like "expiration date," "special offer," or "today only," the QR code will get scanned by numerous people and your desired message will be communicated before anyone else gets the same information. So not only can you reach 1000's of people with one marketing tool, you can reach them at the exact time they may need it the most!

6. You can include a coupon or coupon code (e.g. "BUY101" or "GET10OFF") on the Qr code and it will automatically generate a referral or discount verified with the merchant with each scan. For example, if you buy a pack of gum at the local T&T, you get a discount based on how many people scan your offer.

7. You can include your promotion in an email sent to every person who scans your QR code.

8. Make your QR code on a poster and put it in the local high traffic area. This is a great way to get your flyer or business cards (vCard) in the hands of potential customers with minimal effort.

9. You can create QR codes using our free QR code generator and include them in your digital images and software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc… Print out 100's of copies and place them at strategic locations around your city (or country). And voila - you're done!

10. If you include a link to your Facebook page or a WhatsApp number on the QR code, every time someone scans it they will automatically be taken to Facebook where they can connect with you directly through email, text message (for QR codes that include phone numbers), or other social media services.

11. If you create QR codes for your free product, the person who scans it will be directed to a page where he/she can obtain your free product.

12. You can include a link to an online video or audio file in your QR code and people can access it through their smart phones or computers. You could even include multiple links to different files or videos so that anyone scanning the code is directed to new content with each scan.

13. If you place an advertisement in a publication, you could have a QR code on the ad so that anyone who scans it will be taken directly to your website or landing page (where they can connect with you).

14. You can place a QR code on your business product, and when people scan the code they will be directed to a page where they can download or purchase your product.

15. If you create a barcode, include your company name and logo, phone number or other contact information in the barcode. Then whenever someone scans the barcode, they will immediately be taken to your contact page (or wherever else you are linking them). This also works well for URLs of other websites that contain information about your business' history (e.g. eBay auction summary pages).

16. If you make any changes to your website content on a regular basis (e.g. blog posts, graphics, logos, etc…), create QR codes for those updates and place them on the front page of your website. Then with each scan they will be directed to a new page that is updated with the latest content.

Custom branded QR code generator

17. Make a QR code (with your brand on it) and display it at different strategic locations in your city or country. These areas could include popular tourist attractions or public places where people often stop and look at something specifically placed there by you (e.g. bus stops, train platforms, sidewalks near businesses).

18. Create QR codes using images of different things that people can find at your business (e.g. phone, sign, product, etc…) and have them printed up on large posters and placed strategically around town. Then you can send people to your website through a link on the QR code to learn more about the thing they scanned from their smart phone.

19. Create QR codes for the names of your customers and then use a URL shortener service to associate each customer with a single link (e.g. This allows you to e-mail your customers directly with a link to their Facebook or Twitter profile. This is a great way to build your personal brand.

20. Create or buy "doodles" featuring your logo, business name, slogan, etc… Get a large plastic stencil and attach it to a piece of cardboard and then put it on the main street of town where you want people to see it with little effort.

21. If you have clients or customers who love e-mail, create Qr codes using their names and send them directly to their inboxes (e.g This is a good way to build relationships with your clients and make them feel valued.

22. Take photos of your business, other businesses, products, etc… and include links to those images on the QR code. Then place these QR codes strategically in public places (e.g. sidewalks, stores, restaurants) as a means of promotional art. People can upload this information on their smart phones and share it with their networks via social media services like Facebook or Twitter.

23. Create QR codes with links to your various product pages (e.g Then have your salespeople put them at strategic locations around town (e.g. on the counter of your local coffee shop, in the waiting area of your favorite doctor's office, in the conference room of your favorite business seminar, etc.) And whenever someone scans it they will be directed to the page that links directly to those products.

24. Create QR codes with links to one or multiple YouTube videos that you want people to access through their smart phones or computers. This could include presentations from you, information about your company, and sales training videos from other companies. This is a great way to build trust and credibility with potential customers as they know that you actually make cool stuff!

25. If you have multiple products and services (e.g. consulting, coaching, art work, etc…), create QR codes with links to your complete product line and then send those out in e-mail campaigns to the people you want to sell those products and services to (e.g. your clients).

26. If you want to get more people sharing via Twitter, create a custom Twitter background featuring your logo or business name that people can easily install on their smart phones (or computers) by scanning a QR code from your website or blog post.

27. Create "virtual business cards" by creating QR codes with links to various content pieces on your website (e.g Then have your salespeople or video producers create a video featuring you or your employees explaining what kind of business you are in. Then attach an active link to your website on each one (e.g., so that whenever a person scans it they are directed right to the page with that content.

28. If you have multiple web hosting services, create QR codes with links to each account on your website and then attach those links to emails you send out (e.g http://www.johnsmithincorporated/mysite). This is a great way to build your web hosting business and make your clients aware that you have the resources to take care of them online

29. Create QR codes with links to individual YouTube videos from around 20 other people in your industry (e.g Then have those QR codes placed on their business cards, brochures, websites, etc… and send each one an email thanking them for linking up with you so that more people will be able to get in touch with them

30. Go through your various social media profiles and link directly to individual pages on your website from them (e.g Then promote these pages via your social media profiles to help build your personal brand.

31. Create a QR code for a Wi-Fi network to share your Wi-Fi creadentials wtih your patrons and customers. This will allow users to easily connect to your physical location's Wi-Fi network simply by scanning the Wi-Fi QR code via their Android or iPhone camera app. Here's how to create a Wi-Fi QR code.

32. Create a QR code for your crypto wallet. If you have a Bitcoin or Etherium wallet on Metamask, Trust Wallet or any other crypto exchange app and you would like to receive crypto payments, you can create a crypto walled QR code with out free QR code generator.

33. Create a custom calendrar event QR code and share it in your office or in a strategic high-traffic location at school for people to be able to attend your event.

34. Get Face Time calls with a QR code. Create a QR code that will allow you to receive facetime calls. This work great is you have a consulting business. People will be able to sign up for your custom consultation session by scanning the event code mentioned above and then scan the FaceTime QR code to get in touch with you.

35. Receive WhatsApp calls with a QR code. This is perfect for those who would like to connect with others via one of the most popylar Messaging platforms, which is WhatsApp.

Try these ideas wtih our free QR code generator right now! Can you think of any other interesting ways to generate traffic for your website or blog using a QR code? If so, please share them in the comments below.

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